Korea Technology Review2009. 4. 27. 22:00

'Egg' is KT's new Wibro mini receptor/broadcaster designed to accompany your laptop, iPod Touch or any mobile device with a built-in Wi-Fi. Egg converts super fast Wibro broadband Internet to Wi-Fi, then broadcasts the signal within about 10-meter radius, turning you to a walking Wi-Fi philanthropist--if you choose to unlock the password. 

Drive along the streets of Seoul with an Egg connected to your auto cigar jack, and your car turns to a Wi-Fi broadcaster on the highway. Egg beams Wi-Fi signal for 4 hours on a single charge. Wibro is the service brand of KT's mobile WiMax that promises up to 50Mbps of seamless broadband connectivity at up to speed of 120Km per hour. Currently available in Seoul and other metropolitan areas, the further expansion of the network is on the way. 

Egg is a brainchild of Lee Chan-jin, a Korean venture entrepreneur who developed the famed Hangul word processor. Lee proposed the idea in his blog first and Interbro partnered with KT to turn his idea to a real thing.
*PRICE: KRW220,000, Egg is free with 50Gbps/month unlimited Wibro contract (KRW27,000/month)      

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