Korea Technology Review2009. 6. 5. 22:53

UPDATE: Somebody printed Lee's article on a large banner and hanged it near the make-shift altar set up for Roh in downtown Seoul, reminding Koreans of familiar scenes from the streets of 1980's democratic movement. Citizens are reading them intently after paying tribute for the president. Lee told OhmyNews that he would donate the tips he earned so far-KRW3,567,000-for a Roh memorial hall.

Lee Jong-phil woke up Friday morning to find an unlikely jackpot in his cyber tip jar. A day ago, he wrote a long analysis for OhmyNews about the untimely death of Roh Moo-hyun and its implication to Korean politics. Readers, still reeling from the shock of sudden death of the former reformist president, reacted en masse to his article. Lee earned KRW3,114,000 or about US$3000 in just one day paid for by 946 happy readers. OhmyNews has for years allowed its readers to tip their favorite writers whenever they enjoyed any story. 


This is not the first time the OhmyNews tip jar system surprised its citizen reporters with a huge sum of cyber cash. Kim Yong-ok, a well-known Korean philosopher and television celebrity has once picked over US$30,000 in tips when he confronted the conservative party for its opposition to the relocation of capital city--obviously his story touched upon the hearts of tens of thousands of Korean readers. 


The tip jar is a micro payment system and nobody is allowed to pay more than KRW30, 000 or about US$30 each time. You can say 'thank you' if you enjoyed an article but if you want, you can say thank you by tipping them--at least in Korea. 

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